Let’s talk about Green. We hear a lot about green building, global warming, sustainable design, but just what are these terms and how does it affect us? I recently watched a program on HGTV about a green home they were featuring. In looking at the program I somehow had the feeling that green to them meant that everything in the house should have the color “green”. I know the architect for this particular house and know this is not the fact. The house truly is a “green home”; it’s just that HGTV likes to focus on the interior design and decoration as opposed to the actual features that make the building “green”. Read More

Why Hire An Architect?
That’s a good question and one we encounter almost daily. If you are building a house, why not just get a set of plans from one of those on-line services or from a plan book? If you are doing a commercial project, why not just hire a contractor?
The answer is simple. It’s something called value. Read More

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